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Occupy Wall Street – A Movement of Morons

I’m sure you’ve heard by now of this “Occupy Wall Street” movement sweeping across America.  Groups of angry disenchanted liberals, hippies, socialists, communists, and misguided idealists everywhere are organizing themselves into a leftist version of the Tea Party movement.  Unlike the Tea Party movement, however, which grew out of genuine mainstream discontent with the ever-increasing size of the federal government and our burgeoning federal debt, the Occupy movement was founded primarily upon stupidity, ignorance, and laziness.

The Occupy movement’s core beliefs are thus:

1)      Corporations are making too much money and are using loopholes in the system to enrich themselves.  Evidently, “1% of America owns half of the wealth (which isn’t true, by the way).”  Both corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy should be increased to a level where they pay their “fair share” of the pie.

2)      The Republicans are stalling much-needed legislation to enlarge federal government to help the deserved poor/needy/illegal alien/unemployed people in this country.

3)      There aren’t any jobs in this country because of an alliance between corporations and the wealthy.

Firstly, the assertion that corporations and “the rich” are not paying their “fair share” is ridiculous.  The rich already consist of the majority of government taxes, and therefore subsidize most federal policies in the first place.  This segment of society “not paying for their fair share” makes our bloated federal welfare state even possible.  It also contains within its ranks the intellectual and entrepreneurial individuals needed to succeed in a global economy – without whom we’d be wallowing in a stagnant, or collapsing economy under a discarded, Soviet model.  Hey commies, command economics has been discredited already, it was called the end of the Cold War.  When you enforce a system in which you emphasize wealth redistribution (read higher taxes), it leads to disincentives for the industrious to work to their full potential.  Ergo, if we were to follow the model espoused by the Occupy Movement, we would replace our capitalist system, which despite a severe recession is still posting positive GDP growth, with a model more akin to European countries… which are collapsing under financial crisis.  Sounds great.  If anything, we should reduce corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy to encourage economic development in this country through genuine free market job creation.

This does not mean we should continue to subsidize already profitable corporations, or allow corporate loopholes for the evasion of low corporate taxes.  I think it’s bullshit that Exxon can post record profits in a fiscal quarter, and yet receive government funding for eco-friendly energy research.  Perhaps the Occupy Movement should step back and look at how ridiculous that is (oh wait, they would never do that because it wouldn’t be compatible with their crazy, green power fanaticism).  It’s also stupid that farming subsidies to booming Big Agriculture still exist in this day and age of soaring food prices, but these few bad apples do not warrant a jihad against the very best of America.  Cutting government subsidies and minimizing corporate hand-outs is every much of a Tea Party mantra as it is the Occupy Movements’.  However, we just happen to be uniform about its application and we’re not hypocrites about it.

Secondly, this liberal infatuation with labeling the Republican-controlled House as an obstinate bunch of legislation-killing, partisan bickerers is outrageous.  Just because Republicans refuse to pass legislation that would increase the size of our multi-trillion dollar federal deficit doesn’t make them partisan hacks.  We already went along with the first bailout plan… and it didn’t do shit. We’re still wallowing in the same deep recession, and all we’ve managed to do is string along our inefficient federal bureaucracy with hand-outs.  Furthermore, the government jobs created from the stimulus package is mere illusionary growth, because every time a bureaucracy administers something that could have been done by the free market, inefficiencies occur.  We would be better off keeping the money going to pay for the stimulus package in our own pockets and investing it in the free market directly.

Which brings me to my third point.  Government interference has killed jobs in this country, not made them grow.  Our restrictive labor laws force American labor to be too costly in comparison to manufacturing in foreign countries.  Minimum wage laws are a sham.  If an individual chooses to work at an agreed-upon rate with his employer, what place is it for the government to dictate that private contract?  A union member on an assembly line who performs the same work a robot arm could do shouldn’t make twenty dollars an hour.  Our restrictive environmental laws force corporations to abide by much more costly environmental regulations.  Ever heard of California Proposition 65?  It makes it possible for scumbag “environmental advocates” and lawyers to sue corporations for millions of dollars over junk lawsuits over absurd safety standards that arrest our financial livelihood.  If the Occupy Movement wants to truly know where all the jobs are in this country, don’t look at the wealthy, who would like nothing better than to employ America and create a booming capitalist system.

Look instead to your green power fanatics who kill American industry and business.  Look at your union, Big Labor brethren who have made American manufacturing an international joke.  Look at yourselves, you disgusting, long-haired, welfare-loving hippie fucks.



The Death of an American Al-Qaeda & Pussy Liberal Backlash

Last Friday, the U.S. military was successfully able to kill the American Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen via predator drone strike.  Al-Awlaki has long since been a top terrorist recruiter for Al-Qaeda, having been born and educated in the United States and using his fluency in English and knowledge of the internet to recruit impressionable young Arabs.  Most notable of his “students” are three of the 9/11 hijackers whom he preached and lectured to, Umar Farouk AbdullMutallab, the Nigerian underwear bomber who tried to blow up an airplane in Detroit in December, 2009, and the Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan, who killed a dozen soldiers and civilians in a bloody shooting rampage.

Despite all these past transgressions and his continuing efforts to recruit would-be terrorists against Coalition forces and American civilians, the ACLU and other brainwashed liberals in this country believe the killing of al-Awlaki is wrong.  They believe that the “assassination” of an American citizen without trial is a violation of both U.S. and international law.  Most liberals allege this is the beginning of a “slippery slope,” where the U.S. government can now simply kill Americans citizens who are deemed targets of inconvenience without due process.


Does this look like a terrorist raghead or American citizen to you?

What fucking reality do these ninnies live in?  These liberals would rather have us risk U.S. lives on the ground by putting in a squad of Navy Seals to forcibly extradite al-Awlaki and try him in court?  When you plot international terrorist insurgency against your home country, you revoke your American citizenship.  Period.  I don’t care if al-Awlaki was an American citizen – the fact that he’s preaching a message of terror and recruiting suicide bombers to kill passengers’ on-board airplanes means he’s no different than any other raghead terrorist fuck in the Middle East.  Each and every one should be rooted out from their filth, brought into the glorious light of a predator drone missile, and spend an eternity burning in hell.

These ACLU liberals care more about proper procedural process than innocent civilian lives.  It’s fucking sickening.  These are the same people who would argue that a guilty murderer who confesses to his crime should be set free if the police improperly searched his property to obtain the evidence necessary for the arrest.  It is with this same mentality that they would let a known top terrorist operative and recruiter continue his campaign of terror and put more and more Coalition troops and American citizens in danger.  Fuck the terrorists and fuck the liberals.  Hey you fucking pussies, instead of coddling murderers and terrorists all the time, why don’t you give a fuck about the safety of the average American citizen – oh, you know, a group which includes people like yourself.

The liberal backlash from the death of this American Al-Qaeda cleric is astounding.  My message to the liberals – go fuck yourself.

Go U.S.A.