L.A. Times Doing More to Kill U.S. Troops than Al Jazeera

The Los Angeles Times has always been a cesspool of liberal excesses, and once again it puts the lives of American and Coalition troops abroad in danger by publishing a two-year old photo of American troops posing with the dismembered body parts of a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

Quoting directly from the LA Times article:

“The fact that the photos in question were taken two years ago did little to blunt the disdain. “Nothing has changed since then, and nothing will,” said Farhad Mohammad, a merchant in the southern city of Kandahar. “Always it is a matter of disrespect.”

No, Adirkadirk, the real disrespect is hiding and supporting suicide bombers in your homes and neighborhoods, suicide bombers who are targeting U.S. troops who are only there to protect your backwards people in trying to establish some semblance of democratic government.  God knows why they are there, because you people are so savage, uneducated, and fanatically religious that we might as well let you dwell in your caves, beat women with sticks, and live by Sharia law.  The fact that you people can’t even appreciate the billions of dollars the U.S. has pumped into your black hole of a country, and that our rebuilding effort has cost thousands of lives is the true form of disrespect.  Fuck you, Adirkadirk Mohammed.

If I were sent to that hell hole of a country, living in fear of being killed every day while on foot patrol trying to protect civilians, I would probably crack too and do such “disrespectful” actions as U.S. service men have been committing recently.  Urinate on dead bodies of Taliban insurgents?  Screw that, I’ll take a nice wet dump on their faces as well.  Burn a bunch of Korans at a military base?  Fuck that, I’d do it in a mosque.  Pose with a bunch of dismembered body parts from a suicide bomber?  I would dance around his remains and hurl profanities at the terrorist-supporting mourners.

But leave it to the L.A. Times to paint the U.S. as a villain throughout all of this.  Since the outset of the war, they and other liberal publications have declared their own jihad against the U.S. military, and have been every much as damaging and hurtful to the Coalition effort as the Taliban themselves.  In the wake of their reporting of the above-mentioned incidents, dozens of innocent civilian and U.S. troop lives were lost in violent protests.  Most assuredly this most recent incident will do the same.

Fuck the liberal, terrorist-sympathizing L.A. Times.  Fuck the ungrateful, terrorist-harboring Afghani people.  They will never be civilized enough to build a functioning, violence-free society.  We might as well pull out and nuke them from orbit.  It’s the only way to be sure.

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