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Muslim Rats Attack U.S. Embassies… Time to Call the Exterminators

Like any other patriotic American, the attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya, which left four diplomats dead (including the U.S. Ambassador himself) shocked, horrified, and angered me.  When we later learned that the attacks were in protest of a small-budget, “indie” anti-Muslim movie, which depicts Mohamed the Prophet as a womanizing misogynist prone to irrational violence (sounds like a pretty damn accurate portrayal of Islam to me), I was even more outraged.

This morning I woke up to news reports that U.S. embassies in Egypt and Yemen have underwent similar attacks, albeit without any losses in life, thankfully.  Evidently, Muslim protestors in these countries believe the best way to protest this unfair depiction of their faith as barbaric and violent is to savagely attack the diplomatic corps of a foreign country.  If you just blew a logic fuse trying to understand that rationalization, don’t feel alone.  Trying to contest the fact that your religion isn’t violent with violence is fucking retarded to say the least, but leave it to these savages to operate that way.

President Obama has promised that the LIbyan murderers will be found and held responsible.  But as we should all know from experience (Apology Tour), Obama lacks any sort of spine and would rather these deaths go unpunished than take any meaningful action.  There have been calls in the U.S. Congress this morning that we should strip all foreign aid to Egypt, Yemen, and Libya.  These measures fall far too short of the proper and moral thing to do.  An attack on our foreign embassy should be regarded as nothing less than a declaration of war, and should be responded to as such.

We need to level these countries to a parking lot.  Use thermobaric weapons, of course, so as to avoid leaving nuclear fallout on prime oil reservoirs.  But it’s growing increasingly clear that this region of the world is in desperate need of extermination of its indigenous people and recolonization by civilized peoples.  Nation-building is clearly a failure, as evidenced by our decade-long war in Afghanistan and nearly that many years in Iraq.

If genocide isn’t your cup of tea, then at least drill more oil domestically and rape Latin America for it.  We need to either isolate or destroy the Middle East.  We cannot co-exist with such vermin.



L.A. Times Doing More to Kill U.S. Troops than Al Jazeera

The Los Angeles Times has always been a cesspool of liberal excesses, and once again it puts the lives of American and Coalition troops abroad in danger by publishing a two-year old photo of American troops posing with the dismembered body parts of a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

Quoting directly from the LA Times article:

“The fact that the photos in question were taken two years ago did little to blunt the disdain. “Nothing has changed since then, and nothing will,” said Farhad Mohammad, a merchant in the southern city of Kandahar. “Always it is a matter of disrespect.”

No, Adirkadirk, the real disrespect is hiding and supporting suicide bombers in your homes and neighborhoods, suicide bombers who are targeting U.S. troops who are only there to protect your backwards people in trying to establish some semblance of democratic government.  God knows why they are there, because you people are so savage, uneducated, and fanatically religious that we might as well let you dwell in your caves, beat women with sticks, and live by Sharia law.  The fact that you people can’t even appreciate the billions of dollars the U.S. has pumped into your black hole of a country, and that our rebuilding effort has cost thousands of lives is the true form of disrespect.  Fuck you, Adirkadirk Mohammed.

If I were sent to that hell hole of a country, living in fear of being killed every day while on foot patrol trying to protect civilians, I would probably crack too and do such “disrespectful” actions as U.S. service men have been committing recently.  Urinate on dead bodies of Taliban insurgents?  Screw that, I’ll take a nice wet dump on their faces as well.  Burn a bunch of Korans at a military base?  Fuck that, I’d do it in a mosque.  Pose with a bunch of dismembered body parts from a suicide bomber?  I would dance around his remains and hurl profanities at the terrorist-supporting mourners.

But leave it to the L.A. Times to paint the U.S. as a villain throughout all of this.  Since the outset of the war, they and other liberal publications have declared their own jihad against the U.S. military, and have been every much as damaging and hurtful to the Coalition effort as the Taliban themselves.  In the wake of their reporting of the above-mentioned incidents, dozens of innocent civilian and U.S. troop lives were lost in violent protests.  Most assuredly this most recent incident will do the same.

Fuck the liberal, terrorist-sympathizing L.A. Times.  Fuck the ungrateful, terrorist-harboring Afghani people.  They will never be civilized enough to build a functioning, violence-free society.  We might as well pull out and nuke them from orbit.  It’s the only way to be sure.

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Iran – World War Three?

Even if you don’t give a fuck about politics, surely you give a fuck about oil prices.  And oil prices are through the roof nowadays as Iran has blocked oil exports to our Western European allies in retaliation for their tough economic sanctions aimed towards pressuring Tehran to stop its nuclear program.  Gas prices are almost to the point where the average American wants to go to war with Iran (Rick Santorum sure is riding that popular unrest in his quest for the Republican nomination).  But war with Iran would be disastrous for U.S. foreign and domestic policy, and it’s time we start becoming pragmatic about the limitations and role of U.S. foreign intervention.

It is alarming that the only Republican nominee who thinks war with Iran would be detrimental to the U.S. is Ron Paul.  He cites, with great rationale, that we are over-extended and bankrupt from our decade long war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the last thing we need is another Middle Eastern nation-building escapade.  It should go without saying that we do not possess the money, men, or motivation to go to war again so soon.  The hard-line Israelites and Republican war hawks would have you believe that Iran acquiring the bomb is a doomsday scenario.  However, I am of the conviction that if a megalomaniac like Kim Jung Il can possess the bomb and not use it, or that Pakistan and India – who are sworn enemies – can both possess it and not blow each other up, we can expect at least the same level of control with Iran.

I know Iran is full of shit.  They aren’t going to research nuclear technology and not try and develop the bomb.  And in the end, it’s not a matter of if, it’s when.  What are we going to do, try and prevent them from acquiring the bomb for the next century?  It’s time we lift economic sanctions, get the oil flowing like normal, and attempt to negotiate with a nuclear Iran and North Korea pragmatically.  Governments, no matter how fascist their leaders, are always interested in self-preservation.  They will not willingly leap towards a nuclear holocaust simply because of their ideological beliefs.  What does it matter if Iran reiterates for the umpteeth time that they believe Israel to be an illegal atrocity?  If they ever tried to nuke it, a nuclear barrage would carpet their country, and they know it.

It is important that the bomb not slip into the hands of radical terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, and to that end we must develop international bodies designed to better protect nuclear facilities and research.  How much easier would that be with an Iran grateful towards the international nuclear community for allowing it to freely become a member, instead of an Iran who finally achieved that status through ruinous economic hardship?

This may all sound defeatist, I know.  I would like nothing better myself than to keep the bomb out of Iran’s hands in a truly ideal world.  But we don’t live in an ideal world, and we must realize the limitations of U.S. (and our Western European allies’) power.  It is better now to make Iran and North Korea feel inclusive and negotiate with them, than to further alienate them in their inevitable pursuits and triggering a truly nuclear World War Three in the near future.

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Republican Primaries Watch

It seems that the Republican Party’s nominee in 2012 will arise from a three-legged race between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Ron Paul – or as I see it, a liberal RINO (Republican-in-name-only), a homophobic idiot, and a libertarian crusader who represents the last hope of America.

Mitt Romney, as I have previously bashed on before, has a horrendous record as a liberal, back-room hand-shaking, politically expedient sell-out.  I don’t believe one single word of his new-found conservative rhetoric, and you need only reference his record as governor of Massachusetts to see that he is a strong supporter of big government and raising taxes.  Don’t even get me started on Romneycare, which is basically a spitting fucking image of Obamacare.  When asked to differentiate between the two, Romney stuttered and said one was federal, the other was state.  Uh, no shit.  If he is elected, I expect more business-as-usual in Washington – increased taxes, more government spending, and deepening deficits.  There is no difference between Romney and Obama as far as I’m concerned.  In fact, I’d almost rather have Obama win over Romney so I could continue to blame the malaise afflicting this country on the Democratic Party instead of screaming in rage over how my own party has betrayed my core beliefs – again.

Rick Santorum is not electable.  He would get slaughtered in the general election.  Besides the fact that he’s a raging homophobe, he’s an out-spoken proponent of militarily intervening in Iran to dismantle their nuclear facilities, thereby triggering another Middle Eastern war.  This should terrify all of us.  While I’m no fan of Iran either, clearly we should learn a lesson from Afghanistan and Iraq.  After nearly a decade after liberation and a strong Coalition presence, neither country is pacified and we have poured billions of dollars and thousands of lives into those cesspools.  If the backwards Muslim brotherhood wants to enslave their own people and rule over each other under Sharia law, fine with me.  The War on Terror needs to evolve from using large-scale invasions and occupying forces to surgical, precision strikes against individual targets.  The last thing we need to do is instigate Iran and start World War III.

Ron Paul is the light at the end of this terrible tunnel.  While I don’t agree with some of his views, his genuine belief in small government, responsible use of American military power, and anathema to Washington politics is heartfelt.  He has been consistent in his beliefs for decades, so you don’t have to worry about him being an inconsistent, treacherous politician like Romney.  He’s out-spoken about the excesses of American military power, and the need to focus on our own borders, so he won’t plunge us into another war like Santorum.  Sadly, Romney is likely going to win the nomination… but if America wants to save itself from the abyss, it will listen to the message of Dr. Ron Paul, and if not elect him, at least demand more from our politicians.

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Occupy L.A. – A First-Hand Account

Lately, I’ve been taking a different route to work in the mornings – one that forces me to drive through downtown and take in the spectacle of the Occupy L.A. movement.  This dirty shanty town, with row after row of shoddy tents, is stationed on the lawn of City Hall and is composed of the usual “Occupy” crowd – the misfits, homeless, uneducated, unemployed, and deranged.  Their list of grievances is similar to that of other Occupy movements – a disorderly, incoherent rant on what they view as a gross inequality in the national distribution of wealth, yet void of any meaningful, substantive solutions or alternatives to the current system.

Recently, the Occupy L.A. movement sought to incorporate its Hispanic element by making a public declaration that it sought to make the county of Los Angeles a “sanctuary for illegal aliens.”  Here I was, thinking L.A. already was one.  This declaration was made citing the fact that LAPD cooperates with federal officials in the deportation of convicted illegal aliens.  So… what are you trying to argue here, Occupiers?  That we shouldn’t deport dangerous criminal elements of society because doing so might be considered “racist?”  Our prisons are already impacted as it is.  The last thing we need is to have taxpayer dollars clothe, shelter, and feed illegal aliens when they don’t belong in this country in the first place.  Deport them all, I say.

You can read their “Declaration of Occupation” here.  Each point is grounded in far-left liberal ideologies, like their belief that healthcare is a universal right, or absent any economic merit, like their assertion that we can support a lavish welfare state and corporations should bear the brunt of all costs without outsourcing or reducing their workforce.  Other arguments simply lack any logic in proven science, such as their claim that alternative forms of energy are not developed more fully because corporations wish to keep us dependent on oil, and not because of the more simplistic fact that alternative forms of energy are much more costly and far less cost-effective than the burning of fossil fuels.  You can literally go through each point and refute it with common knowledge you learn from a high school civics class.  Then again, I guess most of the Occupiers didn’t finish high school.

LAPD was supposed to evict the Occupy L.A. mob yesterday, but they failed to do so.  They’ll try again tonight, and I hope they find the balls to bash in every single Occupier‘s skull.  Maybe use some tear gas, rubber bullets, swift blows to the head.  We need to push these lunatics out of the center stage of politics and into the margins where they belong.  The political landscape is crazy enough with the usual Congressional Democrats and the Obama administration.  We can’t entertain these far-left extremists who think Obama’s betrayed them all by not giving them more handouts. They honestly sit in their shanty town tents and moan about being unfairly foreclosed upon when they don’t want to work in the first place.

Clear them out.  Purify downtown.  Liquidate the ghetto of Occupy L.A.

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Occupy Wall Street – A Movement of Morons

I’m sure you’ve heard by now of this “Occupy Wall Street” movement sweeping across America.  Groups of angry disenchanted liberals, hippies, socialists, communists, and misguided idealists everywhere are organizing themselves into a leftist version of the Tea Party movement.  Unlike the Tea Party movement, however, which grew out of genuine mainstream discontent with the ever-increasing size of the federal government and our burgeoning federal debt, the Occupy movement was founded primarily upon stupidity, ignorance, and laziness.

The Occupy movement’s core beliefs are thus:

1)      Corporations are making too much money and are using loopholes in the system to enrich themselves.  Evidently, “1% of America owns half of the wealth (which isn’t true, by the way).”  Both corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy should be increased to a level where they pay their “fair share” of the pie.

2)      The Republicans are stalling much-needed legislation to enlarge federal government to help the deserved poor/needy/illegal alien/unemployed people in this country.

3)      There aren’t any jobs in this country because of an alliance between corporations and the wealthy.

Firstly, the assertion that corporations and “the rich” are not paying their “fair share” is ridiculous.  The rich already consist of the majority of government taxes, and therefore subsidize most federal policies in the first place.  This segment of society “not paying for their fair share” makes our bloated federal welfare state even possible.  It also contains within its ranks the intellectual and entrepreneurial individuals needed to succeed in a global economy – without whom we’d be wallowing in a stagnant, or collapsing economy under a discarded, Soviet model.  Hey commies, command economics has been discredited already, it was called the end of the Cold War.  When you enforce a system in which you emphasize wealth redistribution (read higher taxes), it leads to disincentives for the industrious to work to their full potential.  Ergo, if we were to follow the model espoused by the Occupy Movement, we would replace our capitalist system, which despite a severe recession is still posting positive GDP growth, with a model more akin to European countries… which are collapsing under financial crisis.  Sounds great.  If anything, we should reduce corporate taxes and taxes on the wealthy to encourage economic development in this country through genuine free market job creation.

This does not mean we should continue to subsidize already profitable corporations, or allow corporate loopholes for the evasion of low corporate taxes.  I think it’s bullshit that Exxon can post record profits in a fiscal quarter, and yet receive government funding for eco-friendly energy research.  Perhaps the Occupy Movement should step back and look at how ridiculous that is (oh wait, they would never do that because it wouldn’t be compatible with their crazy, green power fanaticism).  It’s also stupid that farming subsidies to booming Big Agriculture still exist in this day and age of soaring food prices, but these few bad apples do not warrant a jihad against the very best of America.  Cutting government subsidies and minimizing corporate hand-outs is every much of a Tea Party mantra as it is the Occupy Movements’.  However, we just happen to be uniform about its application and we’re not hypocrites about it.

Secondly, this liberal infatuation with labeling the Republican-controlled House as an obstinate bunch of legislation-killing, partisan bickerers is outrageous.  Just because Republicans refuse to pass legislation that would increase the size of our multi-trillion dollar federal deficit doesn’t make them partisan hacks.  We already went along with the first bailout plan… and it didn’t do shit. We’re still wallowing in the same deep recession, and all we’ve managed to do is string along our inefficient federal bureaucracy with hand-outs.  Furthermore, the government jobs created from the stimulus package is mere illusionary growth, because every time a bureaucracy administers something that could have been done by the free market, inefficiencies occur.  We would be better off keeping the money going to pay for the stimulus package in our own pockets and investing it in the free market directly.

Which brings me to my third point.  Government interference has killed jobs in this country, not made them grow.  Our restrictive labor laws force American labor to be too costly in comparison to manufacturing in foreign countries.  Minimum wage laws are a sham.  If an individual chooses to work at an agreed-upon rate with his employer, what place is it for the government to dictate that private contract?  A union member on an assembly line who performs the same work a robot arm could do shouldn’t make twenty dollars an hour.  Our restrictive environmental laws force corporations to abide by much more costly environmental regulations.  Ever heard of California Proposition 65?  It makes it possible for scumbag “environmental advocates” and lawyers to sue corporations for millions of dollars over junk lawsuits over absurd safety standards that arrest our financial livelihood.  If the Occupy Movement wants to truly know where all the jobs are in this country, don’t look at the wealthy, who would like nothing better than to employ America and create a booming capitalist system.

Look instead to your green power fanatics who kill American industry and business.  Look at your union, Big Labor brethren who have made American manufacturing an international joke.  Look at yourselves, you disgusting, long-haired, welfare-loving hippie fucks.


The Death of an American Al-Qaeda & Pussy Liberal Backlash

Last Friday, the U.S. military was successfully able to kill the American Al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen via predator drone strike.  Al-Awlaki has long since been a top terrorist recruiter for Al-Qaeda, having been born and educated in the United States and using his fluency in English and knowledge of the internet to recruit impressionable young Arabs.  Most notable of his “students” are three of the 9/11 hijackers whom he preached and lectured to, Umar Farouk AbdullMutallab, the Nigerian underwear bomber who tried to blow up an airplane in Detroit in December, 2009, and the Fort Hood shooter Major Nidal Hasan, who killed a dozen soldiers and civilians in a bloody shooting rampage.

Despite all these past transgressions and his continuing efforts to recruit would-be terrorists against Coalition forces and American civilians, the ACLU and other brainwashed liberals in this country believe the killing of al-Awlaki is wrong.  They believe that the “assassination” of an American citizen without trial is a violation of both U.S. and international law.  Most liberals allege this is the beginning of a “slippery slope,” where the U.S. government can now simply kill Americans citizens who are deemed targets of inconvenience without due process.


Does this look like a terrorist raghead or American citizen to you?

What fucking reality do these ninnies live in?  These liberals would rather have us risk U.S. lives on the ground by putting in a squad of Navy Seals to forcibly extradite al-Awlaki and try him in court?  When you plot international terrorist insurgency against your home country, you revoke your American citizenship.  Period.  I don’t care if al-Awlaki was an American citizen – the fact that he’s preaching a message of terror and recruiting suicide bombers to kill passengers’ on-board airplanes means he’s no different than any other raghead terrorist fuck in the Middle East.  Each and every one should be rooted out from their filth, brought into the glorious light of a predator drone missile, and spend an eternity burning in hell.

These ACLU liberals care more about proper procedural process than innocent civilian lives.  It’s fucking sickening.  These are the same people who would argue that a guilty murderer who confesses to his crime should be set free if the police improperly searched his property to obtain the evidence necessary for the arrest.  It is with this same mentality that they would let a known top terrorist operative and recruiter continue his campaign of terror and put more and more Coalition troops and American citizens in danger.  Fuck the terrorists and fuck the liberals.  Hey you fucking pussies, instead of coddling murderers and terrorists all the time, why don’t you give a fuck about the safety of the average American citizen – oh, you know, a group which includes people like yourself.

The liberal backlash from the death of this American Al-Qaeda cleric is astounding.  My message to the liberals – go fuck yourself.

Go U.S.A.